Welcome and thanks for checking in on the wet and wild world of Sex in the Sea. The book idea first came to me in grad school, sometime around 11:30 at night when I was floating amidst the aftermath of one of the world's biggest orgies, courtesy of Caribbean coral reefs. I decided to pursue the idea a few years later, after a cocktail party discussion about the differences between men and women somehow wound around to sex-changing fish and resulted in hysterical laughter and genuine interest among non-marine folks.

That's when it dawned on me.

Sex. Everyone wants to know more about it. Talk about sex, and people listen (even if they are pretending not to). Talk about the wet and wild sex in the sea, and they may keep listening long enough to gently let slip that we are more intimately connected to the intimate affairs of the deep than we may realize.

The blog that begat the book features titillating tales about the sex lives of our salty cousins, focusing on the funny, racy, and raunchy nature of reproduction beneath the waves. Every now and then you'll find a story that describes not only a strange sexual strategy, but also how we might be causing some serious coitus interruptus of the deep, and why that matters. Because, believe it or not, it does matter.

So gear up to dive into the red light districts of the deep blue sea. You'll be entertained, perhaps a bit humbled, and hopefully, inspired to help marine life keep getting laid. Who knows, perhaps you'll pick up a few pointers on how to enhance your own horizontal mambo here on terra firma. Afterall, sex was invented in the sea.  That's where life's been perfecting her procreative creativity the longest.

I'm excited to share that Sex in the Sex is now available at your LOCAL BOOKSTORE OR LIBRARY. See map below and send us your pic of Sex in the Sea in your neck of the woods. Can't find it? REQUEST it from your local indie bookshop owner or librarian!  Virtual shoppers can find Sex in the Sea at IndieBoundAmazon.com and Barnes and Noble