Diving Deeper with Sex in the Sea

There's more to Sex in the Sea than the casual read...

One of my hopes in writing Sex in the Sea is that it can be used as a teaching tool to introduce ocean science in an entertaining fashion to those who are unfamiliar with the topic or applied in more advanced courses as a means to discuss detailed topics in reproductive biology, marine ecology, biodiversity, and human-nature interactions.

Below are some resources that I hope will help encourage use of Sex in the Sea as an engaging and educational text for teaching.  A work-in-progress, feedback via my contact link is always welcomed. 


Sex in the Sea Bibliography 

A searchable database containing all the references cited in the text, as well as additional resources consulted. Links to the original journal website or article (when publicly available) are also provided for easy access . This database will be updated as new studies are published to provide the most comprehensive bibliography of Sex in the Sea possible.


Guest Lectures & Q&A

Using Sex in the Sea as part of your coursework? Reach out to schedule a virtual or in-person lecture or question and answer session with me! From high-school biology classes to graduate seminars, I'm am excited to engage with students at all levels to share the stories and science of Sex in the Sea. 

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Discussion Guides

***Coming Soon***

Ideas and guides for using Sex in the Sea in the classroom or lecture hall