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Praise for Sex in the Sea

"Every page is hilarious, and quotable, covering oceanic orgies in all their glory." —Cool Green Science

“Amusing … You’ll never watch Finding Nemo the same way again.”BUST

“Hardt’s writing is often spectacular at describing the rituals and courtships of underwater reproduction.” The New Republic

“A voyeuristic romp.” The Economist

“[An] oceanographic Kinsey Report.”O, The Oprah Magazine

“Hardt’s science is up to date in a field where research can be difficult, and readers will feel confident that they can talk intelligently about fish gonads at their next sushi dinner.”
Publishers Weekly

“A watery romp under the waves that will appeal to anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge of our watery planet.” Kirkus

“It’s hard not to smile when reading this cheeky, yet relevant survey of sexual relations among marine creatures. … For all the lightheartedness, which armchair naturalists will love, the science is important and effective.”Booklist

National Print Coverage

12/15/15              Kirkus, review

12/21/15              Publishers Weekly, review

Jan/Feb             Harvard Magazine, review

1/28/16               Chicago Tribune, roundup inclusion

February            WIRED, feature, online 4/12/16

2/1/16                  Booklist, review

2/11/16                The New Republic, review

2/13/16                The Economist, review

2/14/16                NY Post, spread

2/26/16               Miami Herald, review

March                 O, The Oprah Magazine, review

April                   AudioFile, review

April   27            Thought Matters (also re-posted on Huffington Post) (excerpt)

May 6                Hakai Magazine Book Review


National and Regional Broadcast

2/12/16                KCRW “Press Play” (Los Angeles NPR)

2/12/16                NHPR “Word of Mouth” (New Hampshire NPR)

2/12/16                PRI “Living on Earth”

2/13/16                Mother Jones “Inquiring Minds” podcast

2/17/16                KERA “Think” (Northern Texas NPR)

2/19/16               The Moncrieff Show, Newstalk (Irish Radio):

2/23/16               KGNU “How on Earth” (Boulder NPR)

2/27/16               Quirks and Quarks (CBC Radio)

3/1/16                  SiriusXM “Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang”

3/3/16                 Stuff To Blow Your Mind: Osedax: Sex Life of an Ocean Bone Worm

7/12/16                Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Coral Sex in the Sea

7/18/16                NAUI Dive Report: Sex in the Sea

9/26/16              Briar Lee Mitchell Show: Sex in the Sea

1/13/17                Science for the People: Sex in the Sea #404

2/14/17               Ocean Science Radio: Ocean Lovin'

3/23/17              Ocean Currents, NOAA Podcast: Sex in the Sea

5/9/17               Beyond the Microscope: Under the Sexy Sea

7/21/17              Stuff To Blow Your Mind: Sharks of Summer


Online Coverage

2/5/16      , feature

2/11/16                Sierra Magazine, review

2/12/16               The, excerpt

2/12/16               Virgin Unite, original piece

2/12/16               Write to Meaning, Lisa Rivero, Review

2/13/16               Scientific American, excerpt

2/13/16               Scientific American Valentines Roundup,  re-posting excerpt

2/14/16               National Geographic, Q&A

2/14/16               Jezebel, excerpt

2/14/16               The Examiner, unofficial review

2/15/16               VICE “Broadly,” interview

3/1/16                 Oprah , best books for National Reading Month

4/23/16              Salon, original essay

3/24/16              Library Journal, review 

5/8/16                5 Ultimate Mom Moves from Undersea Mamas, The Lil' Mamas

5/9/16                The Lil' Mamas, MAMAPRENEUR Feature

6/16/16               The Isler, I am the Ocean Lorax, Profile

6/17/16               VICE "Broadly", Female crabs are constantly at risk of being raped, study says. Interview